The Hornets have re entered their trade proposal involving Chris Paul. The first trade was nixed by David Stern basically because he thought it was unfair. Does anyone else think that this is a huge conflict of interest? How can the commissioner of the NBA strike down a trade that he thinks is unfair, when he owns the team and has the power to stop trades. Mind Boggling. Anyways, how it is unfair? The Hornets would get 3 players, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Lamar Odom, for only Chris Paul. Put aside the fact that Khloe Kardashian is probably more of a threat on the court than Lamar. Her step dad’s an Olympic athlete that has gotta count for something, right? Maybe not, but Martin and Scola aren’t bad. The only team that really gets the shaft in this trade is the Rockets. Let’s face it nobody wants to get stuck with Pau Gasol. Nobody. Dude looks like a llama.

Hopefully when they resubmit the proposal they will add in some draft picks or someone else so that this deal can get approved. Not so much because I like the Lakers, but because I think that this will be a bad deal for them. Getting rid of their two big men means that they are going to put all their eggs in the Andrew Bynum basket. And that basket is probably going to get injured. In the long run though who really cares if New Orleans suck? When they get bought by the new owner they are going to get moved anyway.