Japanese pitcher Yu Darvis has come out and said that he wants to play in the MLB. Darvis currently plays for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. First things first, I’d be a little cautious of anyone who plays on a team with a name like Ham Fighters. I don’t care if the team owner owns a ham factory, you just don’t name your team the Ham Fighters. Secondly, Darvis has decided to use the posting system, which is the same one that Dice K used. It’s basically a system where you pay a huge amount of money to talk to someone, who in the future, can be a huge bust.

The Japanese system and American system of pitching are two totally different games. It’s not that I don’t like the Japanese system, I actually think it’s better than the Americanized system of pitching which allows pitchers numerous days off to drink beer and ear fried chicken. Bottom line is that these Japanese players have been brought up in this system of pitching. Once they get to the MLB, I’d be shocked if there is a pitching coach who would allow them to continue the regimen which they followed in Japan. These guys aren’t used to 5 or 6 days off. They are used to pitching every day and playing long toss in the outfield on their days off. I understand that these pitchers want to face the best competition in the world, but is it really worth it? Not to say that other Japanese players haven’t been successful here, but can you think of a big name Japanese player who has put up the same stats here that they did in Japan. It just doesn’t happen.