I didn’t even know that this dude was still in the NBA. Now the Trail Blazers are going to pay him $8.9 Million for a one year deal. Dude’s only 23 and looking like he has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. I still remember when he was the biggest story coming out of Ohio State. Just dunking the ball without even jumping and shit. Insane. Then gets drafted and gets hurt every year. Wait, you mean to tell me that the human body isn’t designed to be 7 ft, 290 lbs.? It’s basically like he’s walking on glass legs, and the Blazers sign him to almost $9 Million. Did the lockout teach the owners anything? No wonder they are all broke. Oden should take a page out of Yao Ming’s book and just retire.

P.S.- How pissed is the Blazers front office that they picked some 70-year-old glass man instead of Kevin Durant. But then again it’s that same type of front office competence that would sign Oden to another deal, so they probably have no idea.