Let me get this right. First Archie Manning says that he doesn’t think that Peyton and Andrew Luck can be on the same team if the Colts draft Luck. Then he turns around and says that he thinks they can? C’mon Archie, no one actually believes that. You were right the first time so just stick to that. Say what you really mean. All you had to say was that you don’t want the Colts to draft your sons replacement. That’s all. Not all this they can’t coexist shit. We all know what you meant. Peyton is getting up there in age, was just injured, the Colts suck, and Luck is a number 1 pick.

You know if it was Eli, Archie would be all for the team drafting Luck. In the picture Peyton and Archie both drank their milk out of a glass but Mrs. Manning had to be at the shoot for Eli because he hasn’t been weaned yet.