Are the Miami Marlins crazy or do they just have money to burn? Today it was reported that they offered Albert Pujols a 10 year deal, somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 Million. Using common sense would tell you that the deal would be closer to $250 Million, which would make Pujols the highest paid 1B in the MLB, and in the top 5 highest paid players in the league. While Pujols is arguably the best player in the league, this is a crazy deal for any team to put together. Can you imagine paying $25 Million a season for a player that will be 41 when 10 years is up? Pujols has 4, maybe 5 years of his current production left. Even if he produces like he has for 6 more years, a team would still be paying upwards of $20 Million, depending on how the contract is structured, for a glorified DH. Think of David Ortiz just not so fat, and with a productive past. (I bet Ortiz wishes he could forget his days with the Expos) So overall this sounds like a deal that a team named the Miami Marlins would go through with. They can always just change their name again if it doesn’t work out.