See LeBron’s first mistake here was showing the kids how he shoots. When the kid asks him how he shoots, he should have just said not very well. Instead he grabs a ball and the first thing he asks is how many shots he gets. Are you kidding me? You’re in the NBA, you should only need one shot, no warmup.LeBron then proceeds to put up two ten footers which he misses, and then goes one on one with goggles here. Leave it up to LeBron to go up against a kid who is probably legally blind. Kid plays some solid D, too until LeBron drives past and dunks on him, and being his usual self stares down goggles.

P.S.- This video shows why LeBron can never touch Kobe. While Kobe’s practicing, LeBron’s dunking on 10 year olds with goggles on. How long until Nike has to destroy one of these videos when LeBron gets owned by some random kid?

P.P.S.- Goggles got some swag to rock those and go one on one with LeBron.