Are the Broncos joking with running the option? Why would they draft a quarterback who can’t throw the ball? This is like the wildcat offense just way worse. There is a reason why college teams have to run the option in football. Because the defenses are simple and the receivers aren’t that great. In the NFL the defenses are way more complicated than college. Now were at the point where the Broncos know that they drafted someone who is only a QB because he stands behind the center. Newsflash QBs throw the ball, not underhand toss it to the RB, or just run it themselves. Congrats you beat the Chiefs and Raiders in the last two weeks. Hail Tebow. Dude only completed 2 passes. Broncos fans better open their eyes because there’s a reason fade offenses don’t last in the NFL. But the Broncos have no chance of beating any top-tier team in the league anyway, so have fun buying your custom-made Jesus jerseys. Better have a spot in the closet for that bad boy come next year. Grow up Broncos.