Wilson Ramos of the Nationals was kidnapped from his home in Venezuela yesterday. First of all, how bad are these guys as kidnappers? 4 armed guys to kidnap one guy seems a little bit overkill. I’m pretty sure that kidnapping in Venezuela is just like an everyday thing. Just crazy. And your telling me that some rookie on the Nationals was the best guy they could kidnap? I’m pretty sure that like 90% of retired MLB players from Venezuela go back, and current players are probably there too. They probably just like draw players names out of a hat every week and go get them. I’m just waiting to see what the demands are for his return. Probably just a bag of tortilla chips and a bootleg DVD of Man on Fire. Face it, everyone loves Denzel.

P.S.- Could he have gotten kidnapped at a worse time. Overshadowed isn’t even the word. Like 65% chance this is an inside job. Just how Venezuela rolls.