So the Patriots cut Albert Haynesworth yesterday and my only question is why? We haven’t heard a peep out of this guy the whole season and he’s doing what he came here to do. First of all I’m sick and tired of hearing people say that he hasn’t been on the field enough. People need to understand that he was never a every down defensive player and he never will be. He created pressure on the passer for the short time he was here, which is exactly why he was brought here. In addition to that, there are so many substitutions, that many people don’t even realize that he’s on the field. In my opinion this is not a good sign at all for the Patriots. I mean all people talk about is how bad the defense is. So to make it better you’re going to cut a quality defensive lineman who your basically paying pennies on the dollar. Something doesn’t add up with this cut. Maybe after two losses in a row, Belichick is already looking toward rebuilding for next year? I mean why else would he cut a guy who is a solid pass rusher, good run blocker and has a sick as shit boat. I mean, yeah, he does get his credit card stuck in the wrong slots sometimes, but who doesn’t?