Yesterday during the Jets game, TE Dustin Keller decided to jump over 2 defenders and ended up landing on his head. The t.v. network then shows a cut back to Keller on the sidelines trying to name the months of the year. Now concussions are no joke, but does anyone really think for a second that half the players in the NFL actually know all 12 months of the year, and more importantly, their order? I mean these are guys who are paid because they can run fast and jump high, not necessarily for their intellectual capacity. I would actually love to see some of the players base line concussion tests. They probably just screw it up so they can get back in the game. I can hear the trainers now, “Well Dustin says there’s only 4 days in a week, but he also said that in his baseline test”. Get you helmet back on we still got 8 months left of the season.