A football coach in Michigan is in some trouble after he put on a helmet and participated in a tackling drill against his players. First of all, if you get truck sticked, like this kid did, then you need to reevaluate your sport of choice. Secondly, it’s not like this coach had full pads on. Dude had on a helmet and a North Face. Lastly, how big are kids today? One of the kids interviewed was 13 and weighed 189 pounds. Are you kidding me? 13 years old and 10 pounds shy of 200? Holy S***. When I was 13 I probably weighed about 110 with a backpack full of rocks on. If you watch the video closely, this isn’t even the biggest kid on the team. That kid in blue in the beginning when the coach starts running has to be at least 250. Were talking Vince Wilfork, only 5 foot tall. Just be thankful that you didn’t attend the Penn State youth camp last summer. Broken collarbone would have been the least of your worries.