Are you kidding me Rex? The Chargers basically handed you that game. Actually Rivers threw it to you, and you are cocky enough to tell San Diego to stay classy? There not the one’s who started this whole thing, you were. You need to take your own advice and stay classy, because sorry to break it to you but your team isn’t that good. Good for you though that you finally found out how to use Plaxico Burress. Did you figure that out all by yourself, or did you just watch about 7 years of game tape of him out jumping people in the end zone? What you need to do is fire your offensive coordinator. Instead of doing that you just trade away players who speak up about the play calling. Good move Rex. Anyone off the street can tell you that Sanchez isn’t as good as you think he is, and that you should be feeding the ball to Tomlinson, especially against a team that he has something to prove to. Everyone keeps saying that Rex should shut his mouth and let the Jets play do the talking. One question they don’t ask is, are the Jets good enough to do that?