I know that I go pretty hard on John Lackey, but there’s just something about him that makes him unlikable. I mean what kind of guy divorces their cancer stricken wife, looks like Sloth from the Goonies, and on top of that couldn’t pitch to save his life. I mean if he was at least a decent pitcher this year I could probably look past the fact that he’s incapable of closing his mouth. Dude probably doesn’t even know that it’s possible to breath out of his nose. Now it comes out that the Cubs wouldn’t even take him when the Sox threw him in as part of the Theo Epstein deal. And I don’t blame them at all. Would you want a player with all this controversy about drinking in the clubhouse and playing video games swirling around him. No, you wouldn’t. If it makes the Cubs feel any better, Lackey probably lost most of the beer he was trying to drink due to his lazy lip.