With the talks between the league and the players breaking down, the NBA season is now in real jeopardy of being canceled. The next question is, what happens now? What happens now is that the world gets to see the greatest game of street ball ever. Prior to the lockout, contractual obligations and league rules forbade players from playing in any extracurricular games or activities. Now that those rules no longer exist, the world will now get to see the best players in the NBA playing side by side. Odds are that the games will probably be against a bunch of nobodies, and the score will be a blowout, but none of that matters. When the league sees that basically a bunch of pickup games are becoming more popular than the NBA, they will have no choice other than to settle. The only people who lose in this deal will be the 99% of the league who aren’t superstars, and rely on a their salary. Hey, maybe Delonte West can get you a job working in the lumber department.