The new allegations about David Stern being a “racist” or “slave owner” are absolutely ridiculous. These players are not forced to play or do anything that they don’t want to do. For players to even make a correlation to this because they’re not happy is crazy. If they don’t like how things are being done, either do something to change them, or quit, which they can do because they aren’t slaves. How can you blame Stern for wanting to make the league more marketable to a wider audience. This is money which the players and the owners are now negotiating over. This is not to say that Stern and NBA management don’t need to work on how they deal with the players, but most of that is just good negotiating. Some of the players have the attitude that they don’t need the NBA, and that they can just go and play somewhere else. What the superstars don’t realize is that 95% of the league can’t do that. Maybe if the players got a little more involved then people outside of the actual process wouldn’t have to speak for them. The NBA need to take a page out of the NFL’s book, and get this resolved before the fallout from the surrounding media create a larger rift between the players and league management. If they can’t do this then they better take a page out of  West’s book and start filling out applications.