With Sunday’s win over the Cowboy’s in the books, one player has managed to pretty much stay out of the books. That player is none other than the infamous Chad Ochocino. Contrary to what the media wants you to believe though, it’s not Chad’s tweeting or learning ability that’s the problem, it’s him teammates. It’s not something that his teammates are doing something on purpose to keep Ochocinco off the field, it’s just that their too good. What people don’t seem to realize is that players are only going to learn so much from practice situations. You can’t blame a guy for not doing great in a game, at game speed, when he hasn’t played almost any game time with his new team. But this isn’t his fault.

On this team people need to realize that Ochocinco is basically the 5th wide receiver. With Wes Welker leading the league in receptions and yards, and Deion Branch producing like his best years with the Patriots, Chad is put in a 3rd receiver role by default. Then you add in the factor that the Patriots now run a majority of their plays out of a 2 tight end set and there’s simply no room for Chad on the field. The fact is that Chad Ochocinco is the best 3rd string receiver in the league right now, and with Branch’s injury history the Patriots should be happy to have him.