With his latest reported attempt at suicide Terrell Owens has once again brought himself back into the spotlight, right where he always wanted to be. From his reality t.v. shows to his on field antics, it’s obvious T.O. has always had a need for that. It seems as though any team on which T.O. plays on falls apart while, or soon after, he’s there. Of course this isn’t totally his fault, as the media also plays a part in helping the collapse too, but he certainly is the catalyst.

T.O. may simply be overrated. No one is saying that he was not a successful player, he has the stats to back that up. But maybe he was not the franchise receiver everyone thought he was. After his playing time with San Francisco, Owens was never as dominant as he was. This is a guy who at the beginning of his career who was catching passes from Steve Young, no wonder why he called out every QB he ever played with after that.

Even with stats that put him in a class with Hall of Fame wide receivers, such as his former teammate Jerry Rice, Owens is not on the same level. Owens has hands that Braylon Edwards wouldn’t want. If Owens didn’t use his body to catch the ball, then he didn’t catch the ball. The notion that T.O. was ever a deep threat is one that is just not true. He was a big, possession receiver, and a good one at that.

Now that T.O. has been forced out of football, it’s sad to see him struggling. It’s not all the media’s fault, but they have contributed in giving Owens a bad name in general by painting him as a selfish player. I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t you want a player on your team who wanted the ball as bad as this guy?