If your familiar with football at all, odds are that you’ve heard of Tim Tebow. Not Tim Tebow of the Florida Gators, but the newly appointed starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, a spot formerly held by Kyle Orton. With the constant chant from Broncos fans during games, it’s no wonder that Orton didn’t perform up to the standards of the Broncos. Well now Broncos fans have gotten what they have wanted since the beginning of training camp.

If Broncos fans want to pin all of their hopes on an untested rookie QB, why not. Just look at what happened with the Patriots and Tom Brady. But for every one QB that has success in the league, countless others such as Orton hover around mediocrity thier whole career. The situation for Tebow going into this week could not be better as the bye week will give him two weeks to prepare for his first full game. But it looks as though the Broncos are already looking towards the future with trade talks now surfacing around Brandon Lloyd. So while Broncos fans are happy now it could be short lived without Tebow’s primary reciever. While Lloyd is the Broncos best reciever, he is a second string reciever on many other teams in the league.

Either the Broncos have a huge amount of confidence in RB Knowshon Moreno, and WR Eric Decker, or they are already looking towards the future. And unless Terrell Davis is going to be lining up at RB for the Broncos again, Tebow may not be there.